Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A few cheats to save time with Veggie Stir Fry

We LOVE eating veggie stir fry for dinner. It's one meal that doesn't need a meat protein like chicken or shrimp. The way we do it is PERFECT over Quinoa. Meat can sometimes bust a budget in a Meal Plan for the week. I know many times, for some people, it depends on what's on sale as to what is being eaten that week. {Just another good reason to use the TS2U Meal Kits - SOOOO interchangeable are the recipes. Y'all that follow me already know that, though 😘} This meal is great to have in your Meal Plan. It's cheap, simple and makes a good bit of food. Also being extremely healthy for you, helps too, right? We've been making this one for a while and have tweaked it over the years. The main change, for me, is the prepping part of it. Yep - y'all know that I like things to not take an hour in the kitchen to make ONE meal. Here is the link to the recipe that we use often stir-fry-veggies

Did you go see the recipe? It's FABULOUS to use in the Summer, when veggies are fresh from the Farmer's Market. However, there is a better way especially, if out of season or you are in a time crunch. Normandy Blend is a blend of frozen broccoli florets, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots and cauliflower in the vegetable freezer at the grocer and PERFECT to save chopping time in this recipe. Add a frozen Pepper Blend and even BETTER. Then there will be no cutting of anything 😍
This will save you time, not only because of the actual chopping but the extra time spent cleaning the knife, the cutting board and prep area. YAY! I also no longer use Sesame Oil. Instead I just sprinkle them (and sometimes Flax Seed) on top, right before the end of the cooking time.

I also HEART my Wok. Yes, it's big and takes up storage space.  However I like the way it cooks, this recipe, over using a large skillet. I've used both and like being able to move the veggies around and up the sides based on what's cooking faster. One thing to note if you are using the frozen bags of goodness: cook time will be longer than when the veggies are fresh. I'm sure that pretty much is a DUH and goes without saying, yet I felt the need to write it anyway. 😉 Yet not longer than the chopping and extra cleaning, though!

Look at all the COLORS! #SoPretty #SoHealthy #SoSimple

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