Thursday, January 26, 2017

The NEATEST Idea this side of a Meal Kit

You might have heard me mention about the Meal Kit Service that I use called TS2U? For a while, there was only an option for either a 10 Meal or 30 Meal Kit. Thankfully, they have expanded into more choices. One of those choices is called Dinner Mixers. This is the NEATEST idea!

 The recipes change every month. I simply log into my Tastefully Simple account and choose 3-5 recipes to go into my Dinner Mixer box. Here is what's really cool about this box. It has individual smaller boxes, inside of it, which have just the right amount of seasoning I need to make the meal. No measuring!!!! Yippeeee - one less thing to clean. 'Cause if y'all have been following me for a while, you know how much I lOOOVe to clean. {teeheehee} Even better -> many of the meals, from the mixers, are made in only ONE pot. {cue the Hallelujah Chorus} TA-DA! My sink is enjoying the lighter load, as well my dishwasher which is not being called to duty as much. {can we say lower water bill? ;) }

These little inside the box boxes have 3 cards in them- the main dish, a side dish and the remix. Remix? Yep,a remix recipe for the leftovers. Most people will not eat all of the food prepared, since the recipe has 4-6 servings. Did you know that many people don't like eating the same thing, the next day? It's true. There are lots of Leftover Haters. Those that aren't will many times forget about them or are not home the next few nights to use them. So it sits in the fridge, patiently waiting to be seen again. Sadly, too often than not, more days go by than should which means the food only sees the trash. This is why so much food is wasted!

Cue the Remix Recipe Card. It's like making a different meal for your taste buds liking. Even the eyes and nose can be fooled in this one. It's a total foolery of the sensories! 😁

Once dinner is done, take the leftovers right then and create a new meal for lunch the next day. You can even get super efficient, by taking two servings to meet it's new buddy ingredients, before you even sit down to eat.  There is even a take out container, with a vented lid, for the creation to be popped in the microwave for lunch.  WHOA! See, I told you this was the NEATEST Idea! No food wasted. No money wasted on $8-$12 lunches anymore. Are you noticing we are saving money ALL AROUND this thing! Dave Ramsey would be proud. Cook at home. Eat at home. Take leftovers REMIXED for lunch. You will save $100s here!

Personal choices and preferences are still possible with these little boxes. You can vary the protein. You make it the day you receive it or the following week, since nothing will spoil. You can choose to make the Sides or make something of your own. You can choose to make the Remix or do you own. My husband and I have done both. Followed the recipes to the letter and varied off a bit to do a little customizing. This is one of the HUGE benefits to the whole TS2U program, not just the Dinner Mixers. You have so many more choices, since you are in charge of the fresh ingredients.

Which will you choose? Dinner Mixers, 10 Meal or 30 Meal? The hard part is done. There is no grocery list to make. No searching Recipe Websites, Pinterest Boards or scrolling Facebook/Instagram feed to find a recipe.  The TS2U Program has done it all. You only need to take your ingredient list to the store (or send it to your Grocery Delivery/Pickup service), AFTER of course, you have looked in your pantry first. Then you simply follow the instructions for the meals. It really doesn't get any simpler.


deb :)

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