Tuesday, January 24, 2017

3 lessons I learned about Mr. IP, even a Child can understand

Hey y'all! It's been a while since I've posted a new article. I'm still here! The site was having some technical difficulties with the forwarding domains and such. WHAT?!? I know right? You couldn't care less about computer issues, you want to see FOOD! teeheehee 😂

SO the latest with me? Trying to master all that is the INSTANT POT. Yep. I'm hoping to be able to take the freezer meals, we make for the Slow Cooker, and use them in this nifty little contraption. I thought all I needed to do was just dump the contents of the bag in the Pot and push the button. That's what we do with our friend Ms. Crock, right? WRONG! It turns out that there is a slight learning curve in using this amazing machine. One who simply tries to "set it and forget it" will be greeted with failure, when the beeping starts. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS I can rely on, my dear friend, Google to help me. Well..and the AMAZING Instant Pot Facebook Group of over 300k people, who continue to grow daily, who LOVE to answer questions.

Here is what I learned. Hopefully, it will help those of you looking to make friends with Mr. IP.

1. There MUST be at least a half cup of water/chicken broth or other liquid in the bottom of the Pot. Apparently, Mr. IP uses it to create the steam, which then creates the pressure to cook the contents. This is unlike the way Ms. Crock performs her tasks. She actually creates liquid as she does her job. The frozen meal relaxes as it cooks and enjoys the rain (condensation) from the lid. Whereas, Mr. IP uses all the liquid given to him in his process. The meal actually gets denser and thicker under pressure, so the meal stays huddled together to get the work done. There is no time for vacation, since the work time has been cut short.
See my error - NO liquid in the bottom:

2. If one FAILS to add the liquid in the bottom, then one will have a SCORCHING Mess. 😄 Mr. IP will need a baking soda with vinegar bath. This picture may remind you, of the days, before Ms. Crock had raincoats (liners) to keep herself from getting soaked.

3. When Mr. IP doesn't perform to get the task done, then you can always count on Dr. Wave to save the meal. Yes, in this case, the chicken was put into a microwave bowl and nuked for 6 minutes. Now the chicken could be shred and the soup mixture blended into it. One more visit to Dr. Wave, for just a minute, to be sure that all bandaged together well. Dinner was saved!

I'm not giving up on my new relationship with Mr. IP. We will for sure have future meetings together. Only next time, I'll now how to push the right buttons to make him work. LOL!

So what do YOU think? Have you met Mr. IP? I would love to hear of your adventures together. OR did you meet and decide to stick with Ms. Crock. She was more your style.


deb :)

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