Monday, July 4, 2016

Trick to make burgers WITHOUT touching the meat

Are you like me and love to grill burgers, however NOT a fan of touching the raw ground meat? I mean not only is it YUCKY, it's the easiest way for you or someone you love to end up with a food borne illness. That's right - touching meat and then something else can make you sick! If you've ever been sick from a food borne illness, then you probably share my discontent in touching raw meat. If you are fortunate to have never experienced this wrenching sickness in which you wish you were dead, then you probably don't understand the big deal of cross contamination. Do me a favor and never find out for yourself. ALWAYS WASH HANDS AFTER TOUCHING ANY RAW MEAT! I cannot scream that loud enough to you.

So what's my trick for patting out burgers without touching the meat? Well, I have a few.  It depends on if I'm grilling right away or putting up in the freeze for later, as to which method I use. If I'm putting away for later, then I mix everything in a gallon Ziploc bag (yes THAT brand bc it's less likely to bust). Then I flatten the bag, cut open one side of the bag and take a knife to section out the burgers. They will be square and more like sliders.

For those that I will be grilling at that time, I use a spoon and treat it like cookie dough. WHAT?!? Cookie Dough? Yep, watch this quick video, for a minute, to see what I mean

What do you think? Have you done this in the past? Or will you try it?

Love to see feedback in the comments.

Also, remember to DOUBLE the recipe so that you are cooking once and eating multiple times. Cooked leftover patties can be transformed into other dishes, so you don't have to eat them as burgers again. 😉 Crumble it and use it anywhere you need cooked ground meat. Another smart way to Meal Plan.


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