Friday, January 15, 2016

Shredded Slow Cooked Chicken in just TWO HOURS? Yep...

We've all done it. Gotten up late, rushed to get the kids out the door for school, then off to our desk to make that 8am call that's on the schedule. Hey, the kids were fed, even if it was granola bar and pushup yogurt while pushing them out the door. Wheew, all is good as you made the call and are feeling like Super Mom. YEA!!!! Until all of that feeling dwindles when the kids get home from school, finish their homework and ask "what's for dinner?".  You take a second and then think @#$%!, while reminding your mouth to not relay your thoughts. The chicken, which was suppose to go in your slow cooker, is still in the fridge.

Can you bake/grill it? NO, because you are leaving the house in like 30 minutes {at 5pm} for a baseball game and won't be home until 7pm. The plan was to eat after the game, get showers and then bed. Now what, Super Mom? Whole chicken breasts *might* cook in 2 hours on High, but do you want to run the risk of under-cooked chicken. And that's another NO - a big one! You still want to make the recipe in the slow cooker, as it's shredded meat and goes on Tacos. Yes, it's Taco Tuesday and thanks to the "everything is awesome" movie {you know the one ;) }your kids *must* eat some form of Mexican Food on Tuesdays. {Who started that anyway?} There is no way you are going to have time by following the recipe, without running the risk of getting sick. I don't know about you, however I'd rather be down with the Flu than something involving Stomach Issues. Ya know what I mean? SO what now?

Well, there is good news for you. Last time this happened to me, I photoed my steps to share with y'all. It starts with the microwave being your friend. If you don't have one or don't want to use one, then stop reading here because this won't help you.

Put the two pounds of chicken (mine were 3 boneless breasts) on a microwave safe plate and nuke those babies for 8 minutes. Go ahead and mix your sauce while they are cooking. The beeping sounds means take them out and slice the meat. Smaller pieces of chicken, mean less cook time in the slow cooker or really any method. The cut pieces go into the crock. You will still see some color in the meat. DON'T EAT IT - it's probably still not done. However, that little maneuver just took several hours off your slow cook time. {YAY!} Pour your sauce over the meat and cook on HIGH (not low) for 2 hours. Shred your meat, I like using a hand mixer like in my video here.

For those that want to see what recipe I used, then click here - Mexican Shredded Chicken

Spinning in Microwave
Slice on plate
Add to crock
Pour sauce over
finished shredded and mixed
fills up a 2 1/4 lb aluminum pan 
lid on the pan for easy travel somewhere

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