Thursday, January 21, 2016

First Instant Pot Dinner - SUCCESS - Chicken and Rice Veggie Stew

Have you fallen into the Instant Pot craze? If you don't know what I mean, then look at your Social Media feed. This Electronic Pressure Cooker is make WAVES out there and so many people are loving them. It able to replace so many appliances in your kitchen that are used for cooking. One problem. There is a learning curve - at least for me. I've always been scared of Pressure Cookers. I can remember, being a child, walking in the kitchen and hearing that "tututututu" sound. I knew momma was making fried chicken! That was the only thing she made in her pressure cooker, of course it was on the stove not plugged into the wall. Every now and then she'd take a fork and lift that little top release valve - tssssssssssss - steam filled the kitchen. Each time, she's say "back up, this can hurt you". So I guess, in my mind, over time the words pressure cooker and hurt you were fused together. When I got married, I had no desire to register for a pressure cooker for a gift. I didn't want to learn to use it. Plus, I didn't really fry chicken that much anyway. LOL! Fast forward fifteen years and I'm still not frying chicken, however I am intrigued by all the "pressure cooker talk". Even more so this new machine called Instant Pot, that does so much more than what I realize. I finally pressed the "one click order button" - you know where ;) - and it was at my door in 2 days. Prime, anyone? LOL! Now, it was time to learn the conversion of slow cooker time to Instant Pot time. Off to my friend Google for answers on how to cook the chicken I had in the fridge. WHOA! An hour later and I'm still like - uh? Well, it was getting dark outside.  The kids were starting to look in the fridge and rumble through the pantry. "I'm about to get up and make dinner!" are the words out of my mouth to both of my children. The replies back - "what are we having, the slow cooker is empty". HA! Yes, my kids know all about how I meal plan. Well...hmmmm...time was running out as my tummy was starting to rumble, so I just went for it. I found a recipe that was a chicken stew and read the directions. There were multiple steps, unlike my easy --> pull from freezer-dump in slow cooker-turn on, I had to read the directions. It was foreign at first. However once I did what it said, it was easy. Let me tell you the chicken couldn't have been an easier to shred. It was seriously hard to believe that it had not been in the slow cooker for 6+ hours. I mean THIRTY MINUTES in this new incredible machine. There will be lots more use of this new appliance. It even is getting it's own counter spot - right next to the slow cooker. This Momma LIKES!

Here is what I did: Put two chicken breasts in the pot. Added 2 TBSP Onion Onion and 1 tsp Seasoned Salt. {original recipe called for a medium diced onion with salt and pepper- if you don't have the Tastefully Simple products, then you can use those} Then poured 2 cups of Chicken Broth over it. Put on the lid and locked it. I used the SOUP button and 30 came up on the panel. When it beeped, I did a "quick release". {I had to open my manual to know what that was - flip the handle on the top to vent and wait until the steam is gone}. Steam is gone, so I opened the lid and the smell was AH-MAZING. I shredded the chicken with two forks and stirred into the liquid. I pushed the SAUTE' button and when the liquid cam to a boil, I added a bag of microwave steam veggies and rice. Let the boil come back, while measuring 1/2 cup almond milk {recipe said heavy cream, but that's not happening on my eating plan} mixing in 1 TBSP flour. When the liquid was boiling again, I stirred in the milk mixture. Five minutes later, I turned it off. In the bowls and into
our tummies! Huge hit with the kids. Even the youngest that doesn't "like to eat soup", cleared his bowl.
chicken with spices and broth

shred chicken then boil

bag I used
bring back to boil
milk and flour pour in
finished product in bowl
leftovers after 3 of us ate

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