Friday, December 11, 2015

Corn Black Bean Salsa Cheese Yumminess

I know - CRAZY name, right? I just can't think of a better one. This is my go to "bring something" when asked. It is SUPER Easy and even MORE Yummy, than it sounds. Besides Tastefully Simple Corn Black Bean Salsa, you only need an 8x8 casserole dish, 8oz cream cheese and a cup or so of Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese. You can use just cheddar, however I have found that the Mexican Blend from the "K" company that has the "P" cream cheese blend, will melt WAY BETTER. Even more so, it's not greasy like when you melt cheddar. My guess is that you could probably use the "V" brand that comes in a rectangle box and shred it.

Assembly is literally 1-2-3

1. spread the cream cheese into the bottom of the dish

2. empty jar of Corn Black Bean Salsa and spread evenly

3. Cover with shredded cheese

You can make this ahead of time and seal with "P-n-S" wrap. You will pop in the microwave for a few minutes to warm and melt the cheese. Serve with tortilla chips or corn chips. We like the "scoops". SOOOO good! You can also use it as a spread for all your Mexican Wraps, if you want.

No doubt, that people will be asking you for the recipe. It happens to me, literally, every time I take it somewhere. Promise!

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