Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quinoa with chicken and veggies

Quinoa with mixed veggies and chicken - this is a leftover recreate recipe. One large breast of Savory Grilled Chicken that's shredded and mixed in with the other two. It's a PERFECT way to have one chicken breast feed FOUR People for dinner. I also had a few slices, of leftover, Multi-Grain Beer Bread which my kids ate with it. My husband and I refrained from eating. Well...ok...confession --> I had two small bites of bread. {It's SOOO good, plus it's in the TS Eat Well line, so no junk in it.}

Prepare 1 cup Quinoa according to the directions. Place a Steamer Bag of mixed veggies in the microwave and cook as the package says. You could also use Veg-All - it's just not my favorite. I really like the Steamer Bags. While that's cooking, simply shred the chicken breast. You will mix it all together to plate it and eat! 

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