Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cake in a Mug? OH YEAH!!!

Everyone loves cake, right? I mean, most everyone. I guess there are a few people that really don't like it. Although, I've never met a kid that has said "No" to the question, "Would you like a piece of cake".  One of my FAVORITE Bill Cosby bits is when he gives his children cake for breakfast. Come on, sing it with me --> "Dad is great. Gives us the chocolate cake". {You're welcome for having that stuck in your head for the rest of the day. HA!}

So how can you have "cake" without a HUGE mess and more important without over eating it? Ya know, Portion Control is needed for many of us  {ahem} "mature women". Moms, if you will. Those that can fluctuate 10lbs in a week. You know who you are! Enter the Mug Cakes. #SanitySaver #ChocolateFix

SOOOO Easy that ANYONE can do it, not just us Moms. Yep, ANYONE can have a warm, soft, melt in your mouth, right out of the oven CAKE in 2 minutes. The time is not a typo. I didn't forget the zero behind the 2. You can LITERALLY have cake in 2 minutes! Check out this link,, for more information. Add a few to your cart, so you can experience all that I have written. You'll be grateful you did.

This Gift Set comes with a mug and two cakes. You can also purchase a refill of 3 cakes, separately. If you don't really want the mug, then you can just get the refill packs. I will say though, the mug is flippin' fantastic for two reasons: 1. there is a fill line, so no need for me to measure 3 TBSP of water. 2. the handle doesn't get burning hot, like so many other mugs would. Ok, that's all for now. GO ORDER YOU SOME CAKE! Then in about a week, come back and let me know what you think.

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