Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Who needs a Spoon when I can just squeeze it in my mouth?

Who needs a Spoon when I can just squeeze it in my mouth.
 LOL! Seriously, do you eat Honey everyday? You should! 
It will do WONDERS for you.
  If eating raw is too much for you, then you can:
 ~ add it to Tea instead of Sugar
~ mix with butter for a "Honey Butter" spread for your favorite bread
~swirl in your Oatmeal or other Hot Breakfast Cereal
~ you can use it as the sweetener in your Baked Goods

I challenge you to try it for 30 days! Eat at least a TBSP of Honey, if not more, every single day. You will feel the difference in your sinuses, in your digestion and even in your energy. Be SURE to buy your jars from local Bee-Keepers or at the Farmer's Market. The Super Market Brands will do nothing for you but sweeten your food.  The Honey needs to be UNFILTERED with ALL the POLLEN still in tact. That Pollen is the "secret" to all of it. This really is one of NATURES BEST NATURAL CURES. 

Don't believe me? Ask Mr. Google and see what he say ;)

To help you, here is the first article:  Health Benefits of Honey