Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vidalia Onion Crusted Chicken

This is a new favorite in our house. It's also VERY simple to make and like most of my recipes, require little of my time actually standing in the kitchen ;) You could do this with boneless chicken breast, just know that it will take longer to cook than using tenders or cutting the breasts into strips. I served this with Rich and Cheesy Mac&Cheese, corn on the cob and green beans. Again HUGE hit--so much that I should've doubled the recipe and there would have been no leftovers! Now I did save time this night by already having the breadcrumbs made and in the fridge ready to use. All I had to do was assemble the ingredients in the casserole dish. So, if you are like me and already done that part then just skip it.

6 boneless, skinless chicken tenders OR cut 2 boneless breast into strips
about a 1/2 cup Vidalia Onion Dressing
6 slices of sandwich bread
Seasoned Salt
margarine or spreadable butter

Turn oven to Broil. Place bread on a cookie sheet. Spread butter on slices of bread and sprinkle Seasoned Salt on top. Toast the bread until crunchy but not burnt. Change oven to Bake and preheat at 350 degrees. Put toast in food processor to make bread crumbs. (you can use a blender if you don't have a food processor--just anything to crumb the toast) Lay chicken on a plate and brush both sides with Vidalia Onion Dressing. Sprinkle with bread crumbs to where all the chicken is covered. In a casserole dish, add bread crumbs to the bottom in certain spots where the chicken will go. With a fork, move the chicken to those spots, so the breading is on the bottom. Use remaining bread crumbs to fill gaps on the chicken as you want it completely covered. Bake for 30 minutes and serve with your favorite veggies.