Monday, May 3, 2010

Buzzard Isn't Boring!

Did you know that your Tastefully Simple products will transform chicken every night of the week? Brian always asks me "what flavor are we having tonight?". that's funny but it's true. The Ultimate Marinade (recipe in another post) can be brushed on chicken/pork chops/steak before and during grilling. OR brush some Pomegranated Chipotle Sauce over a pork tenderloin & bake. OR place a whole chicken in a Slow Cooker, cover with a mixture of Seasoned Salt, Garlic Garlic and Spinach and Herb.

Read this article from, then see my TS conversions below it.

Buzzard Isn't Boring!


By Barb Freda

Ah, chicken. It doesn't get much more straightforward than that. Chicken is the one meat we can all go to when we are trying to please all the picky palates patiently waiting at the table.

The good?

* Chicken is mild enough to be used in any number of dishes.
* If you cook a whole chicken, you get to make stock, too.
* You can get almost every part boneless and skinless.
* More and more supermarkets offer hormone-free versions.
* Without the skin, it's one of the leanest proteins around.
* It's affordable.
* It's affordable. (forgive me for repeating myself)

The not so good?

* Some people find chicken bland.
* If you buy a whole chicken and your family only eats white meat, some goes to waste.
* Some cooks are so worried about salmonella they cook chicken to within an inch of its life, drying it to shoe leather. (A roast chicken should be 160 F at the breast and 170F at leg/thigh, according to "Cook's Illustrated." USDA likes 165F)
* Skin on chicken can be a challenge to the calorie conscious among us: oh-too-good-to-resist and oh-too-bad-for-our-hearts.

But chicken remains one of the most popular protein choices. According to, Americans consume 90.6 pounds of chicken per capita annually. That's a whole lotta bird. The same source says that more than half of the chicken we order out? Fried.

So let's bring it on home. Don't make it bland, make it great. Your mission, should you decide to accept it? Never let anyone at home utter the words, "Chicken again?"

Why not:

1. Learn to make the perfect roasted chicken, a classic. Ina Garten tells you how here.

2. Learn to sample chicken with another country's twist. Rachael Ray gives you her version of Pad Thai with Chicken and Shrimp here.

3. Learn to make Chicken and Dumplings, classic comfort food. Martha Stewart walks you through the steps here.

4. Learn to use leftovers in tacos, nachos or potpie here.

5. Learn to make crockpot chicken by browsing through the many reader-submitted recipes at here.

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Ways to transform regular recipes into Tastefully Simple recipes:

*1 tsp of Garlic Garlic for every clove of Garlic

*1 TBSP of Fiesta Party Dip for each packet of Taco Seasoning OR per pound of meat

*1 TBSP of Onion Onion for every 1/2 cup chopped onion OR 2 TBSP about 1 medium size onion

*Use Merlot Sauce in place of Worcestershire Sauce by using half the amount called for. E.G. 2 TBSP Worcestershire Sauce equals 1 TBSP Merlot Sauce

*Use Seasoned Salt in place of salt and pepper. You will only need to sprinkle NOT shake. A little goes a LONG way!

*Use Roasted Garlic Infused Oil in place of regular Olive Oil