Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you a Mom that's working to work?

Are you a Mom that's working to work?

What in the world does that mean? It means that your expenses to go to work are close if not all of your paycheck. This was something that I looked at when I was pregnant with Emma Leigh. I want to share, because I have spoken with lots of moms that "want to stay home, but have to work for the money". You do not know how many times I have heard those words. What's interesting is that when that same person sits down and writes out what she spends to go to work, it becomes very eye-opening. Many times she is only bringing home a few hundred extra dollars a month and sometimes she is going in the hole. Yes, she is PAYING to work.Do you want to stay home with your kids? Have you looked at your expenses lately? Read on if you would like to know how to do the Math.

All you need is a pencil and piece of paper. Look at your check register, last month's card statement or pull up your accounts on Quicken-how ever you keep track of expenses. Go down each line and write in a column on the paper what you spend during your work day. (see example below). Now total up what you spend during your work day so you can see (daycare/child care, lunches, gas, dry cleaning etc) for the whole month. Yes, you must do the whole month because some things may only be a monthly cost. Now on the other side of the paper, write down your pay. If you are paid weekly, then you will have 4 amounts, bi-monthly-2 and of course 1 for monthly. This is NET, take home pay, not gross income. That is a whole 'nother write-up for taxes, other deductions and such---you would probably change tax brackets with one income as well, so too complicated and individually based for me to speak generally. Just know that there are tax advantages. So, for simplicity, just keep it to the amount you put in the bank. Total your pay, to see what you bring home in one month. Now take that number and subtract it from your total expenses. What you now have is your TRUE TAKE HOME PAY! Are you shocked? If so, you are not the first and definitely not alone. We have be told and almost programed from a child that you must go to work and make a living. Well, that is a true statement. Absolutely! However, who says that you have to work 40+ hours a week for someone that you really don't like and with people that you just tolerate because you spend more time with them on a daily basis than you do your own family? Uh? Who thinks that's a good plan? Look at that TRUE TAKE HOME PAY number again. What can you eliminate from your spending that would equal that money? Could it be to not eat out as much? Maybe stop getting your nails done 2-3 times a month and do them yourself? Or maybe just stay out of the Malls and hit the thrift stores when the kids need clothes? (let someone else pay the mark up especially when they grow so fast) It might be all the above and a few more because that number is $400 or $500.

Would it be worth it for you to be able to be a Stay At Home Mom? My answer would be ABSOLUTELY! The best job the Lord gave you was to be a Mom. Some of you are saying, "well I like all those nice things and don't WANT to give them up, so I need that $400-$500 a month to pay for it. Or maybe that money doesn't pay for those things, however it IS spent on the kids with ball, cheerleading, karate, piano etc. So that's why you work 40+ hours a week for someone that you really don't like and with people that you just tolerate because you spend more time with them on a daily basis than you do your own family? What if I told you that you could work 1/4 of the time outside the house and still make that TRUE TAKE HOME PAY? Would you believe me? You can, I promise! The average Tastefully Simple consultant does 1-2 parties a week and has a TRUE TAKE HOME PAY of $100-$200/week or $400-$800--TRUE AVERAGE $500 a month. That's spending only 5-10 hours a week outside of your home and away from your family, NOT 40+ hours. I know this is a lot to absorb, but I really want people to think about what they are spending without much return. TS consultants get all the tax advantages of a home-based business as well. But again, that's another topic that you can contact me to discuss.

Let's look at someone needing extra money, so they take a Part Time job. They are not looking to be a SAHM, however they need extra money to pay debt off, pay for school, take vacation, etc

PART-TIME Employment-Retail store
You would expect to work at least 3 nights a week and 4 hours per night at a typical part-time job.

$8.00/hour; $384/month; $96 / week; $32 / day

Tax deductions? NO
Commuting expense deductions? NO
Other deductions (e.g., computer, utilities)? NO
Set your own hours? NO
Earn bonuses for sales goals? NO
Earn a separate check for training people? NO

Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple consultants average $400 in sales per party. If you have 3 parties (either live or online) a week and average 4 hours of work per party you earn 20%* of $4800 in monthly commission

$20.00/hour*; $960/month*; $240 / week*; $80 / day*
*Net income, TS discount is 30% but you need to save 10% for business cost-so this is TRUE income

Tax deductions? YES
Commuting expense deductions? YES
Other deductions (e.g., computer, utilities)? YES
Set your own hours? YES!
Earn bonuses for sales goals? YES
Earn a separate check for training people? YES

So you can see from the above comparison that working in Direct Sales is WAY better than in a retail store. You will have a more flexible schedule, make more money, and save on your taxes at the end of the year! I know I got a little off track there, however I wanted to show you the comparison for a Part Time job. I know some people don't have kids, or they really like their job and want to keep it, however they need extra money. TS can help those folks too!

Ok, as promised from the beginning, here is an example of looking at work expenses. Please know that this list is different for everyone and everyone must do their own to see the exact numbers.
This is based on $400 Gross/week or $1600 month ($10hr@40hrs; $20hr@20hrs) with M02 withheld

April 1st- Daycare--$500 ($125/week)
April 2nd--McAllisters--$8.79
April 5th--Dry Cleaners -$30
April 6th- McD's- $5.85
April 7th- Gas- $65
April 8th-- Starbucks- $4.94
April 9th-- Full Moon BBQ- $9.29
April 12th Publix $45 stuff to take for lunch to not go out
April 13th--BK- $6.29
April 14th-- Gas- $65
April 15th-- $10 late pickup fee from daycare traffic
April 16th -- Applebee's $11.97
April 19th--Dry Cleaners- $30
April 20th -- Wendys $7.24
April 21st-- Olive Garden $9.45
April 21st- gas $65
April 22nd Starbucks $4.94
April 23rd Moe's $8.21
April 26th- $10 late pickup fee from daycare worked late
April 27th--Chick-Fil-A $6.78
April 28th--Starbucks $4.24
April 29th -- Subway $5.35
April 30th -- Gas $65

$1436.95 take home pay--after taxes, the amount you put in the bank
- 978.74 expenses
ONLY $114.55/week! That's less than 1/3 what you put in the bank!

Now the question is--->What is
your TRUE TAKE HOME pay?

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